Floor Cleaning Routine

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly

It’s that time of year again soon.. Spring, and that means Spring Cleaning. One area that is often forgotten is your floors. They need periodic maintenance to keep them looking and performing their best. Having a great floor cleaning routine is key to keeping phenomenal looking floors for years to come. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly upkeep is important to keeping your floors looking pristine for years to come.

Floor cleaning routine

Daily Floor Cleaning Routine

Always start with your daily tasks first, light sweep or vacuum. Clean any spills immediately but at the end of the day it’s a good idea to do a quick sweep or Swiffer of common areas like the kitchen, bathrooms and entries. If you choose vacuum or dry sweep, keep a warm damp cloth handy and spot clean any spills or stains as you go. For carpets always vacuum high traffic areas to keep free from debris.


Floor Cleaning Routine

Giving your floors a good wash is always a good idea. If you choose to do it old school with a mop and bucket or with a fancy Vileda Mop when it comes to floor cleaning the cardinal rule is never over soak your floors. Yes your Vinyl Plank or Ceramic tile is waterproof, but what it’s sitting on is not, your cabinets likely are not, and neither are you walls or baseboards, damp mops never dripping! Always read the directions fully when using cleaning solutions, over concentrated cleaning products can damage or discolour your floors. Warm water and vinegar are a great alternative to cleaning products. Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed and spot clean any stains.

Floor Cleaning Routine


Heavy deep cleaning of all flooring areas. Scrubbing on hands and knees is one of the most efficient, although not glamorous ways of deep cleaning most flooring. Using a light carpet cleaner making sure to spend most of your time drying the carpet or positioning fans afterwards to ensure quick drying. Carpets don’t like to be cleaned with water regularly but if you have a light coloured carpet or maybe messy house guests this may be an option for you. Refer to your carpet manufactures maintenance guides for clarification.

Yearly Floor Cleaning Routine

Floor Cleaning Routine

Yearly floor cleaning routines seem silly but ensuring these areas get checked at least once per year will ensure any problems areas are seen and addressed.

Check silicone in bathroom and kitchen areas, anywhere there may be water present. If you noticed it has started to peel away or maybe isn’t there at all its time to re-silicone. Scrape away the old damaged or dirty silicone, purchase a tube and holder, make sure you purchase a bathroom and kitchen grade silicone, thoroughly dry the area and reapply according to the directions on the tube.

I’ve noticed lately deep grooves in my linoleum flooring that have been harboring dirt for years. All this time we thought that was the colour pattern, turns out it was just dirt. Gross! Using a spot steam cleaner and a coarse bristled brush it came up no problem. I will be posting a video on the process so you can see the floors and the difference the deep clean makes.

Clean baseboards with a damp, not wet, cloth and touch up any paint that has been chipped or rubbed away to keep your place show home ready all the time.

If you notice something in your flooring that doesn’t look quite right give your local small business flooring store like Inner-City Flooring, a call and they would be happy to let you know how to fix it or if its nothing to worry about. If you notice an issue don’t leave it especially if there is water involved.

Polishing and resealing – certain flooring types can benefit from polishing and resealing periodically. Always stick to the manufactures recommended products and time length for doing so.