Quebracho $3.99/sf


Quebracho Vinyl Plank is an Ultra Waterproof SPC rigid core flooring. 5.5mm Thick with 1.5mm attached underpad and easy click locking system. This floor also boasts a commercial level wear layer of 22mil for maximum scratch resistance.

Supplied and Installed $6.29/sf with a minimum purchase of 450/sf


Quebracho Vinyl Plank

Quebracho Vinyl Plank is Ultra Waterproof SPC rigid core flooring. The Ultra Waterproof SPC floors are made for people who must have maximum durability and utility.



Quebracho Size: 7.205”x48.03”x5mm

Packaging: 12 Planks per box

Area: 28.836 Sq.Ft/2.635m2

1. 100% Waterproof

2. No Wood Particles

3. Pet friendly

4. Resistant to Temperature Change

5. Indent Resistant

6. Fire Resistant

7. Perforated Underlayment for Better Sound Insulation

8. Phthalate Free


35 years Limited Residential Warranty

5 years limited Light Commercial Wear Warranty

Read Full warranty details here. 


Purchasing Info

Available in Supply and Installed Packages $6.29/sf minimum purchase 450/sf

Available for purchase as product only $4.69/sf


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