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27.93/sf per box. Sold per box only.

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Belgo Goodfellow’s Kelowna collection of Stone Product Composite (SPC) flooring has a textured finish with micro-v and measures 4.2mm (0.3mm) x 6’’ x 48’’ including an integrated 1mm EVA pad.

  • No formaldehyde, No phthalate
  • Tolerates conditions from +60°C to -60°C and up to 60 li. ft. without a transition molding
  • Floating installation (I4F “Drop Lock”)
  • Installs on all levels
  • Waterproof
  • Can be installed over water radiant or electric floor
  • High resistance to direct sunlight
  • 25-year residential warranty
  • 3-year commercial warranty
  • Floor Score certified

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean dust and debris regularly. Use a broom or vacuum with soft bristles. Mop as needed using a dampened mop and cleaner approved for use on vinyl floor. Never use abrasive cleaning implements, waxes, bleach or any acid products on SPC.

Always purchase felt protectors or other protective devices under furniture, particularly items that are frequently moved. Any furniture with casters should not have ball casters. Only wide, non-staining rubber casters are to be used on SPC. Use protective mats underneath office chairs. Do not drag heavy objects or furniture across floor. When moving appliances or furniture, lay a protective item such as cardboard onto the SPC and walk the heavy item across carefully.

Place mats at exterior doors to reduce dirt and debris tracked onto floor. Do not use mats with rubber or latex backers as they may cause discoloration or staining. Never walk or create flooring movement at temperatures below 5°C (41°F).


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