​​Why Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring

First off what is it? Vinyl flooring is made to resemble wood, stone and porcelain flooring. It is made up several layers of polymer materials which makes it 100% waterproof. Due to its waterproof abilities it has quickly become one of the most popular flooring types in the last few years. Check out our top vinyl plank colours here. ​

Each layer of the vinyl flooring has a specific purpose, starting with the top wear layer ( A on diagram Below). This protective barrier gives the flooring its scratch resistance keeping the pattern layer protected and looking newer longer. Average thickness of the wear layer is 12mil - 20mil for commercial applications. Next is the print layer(B) which is the colour, texture and pattern of the vinyl you see. Next is a core layer(C) made up of either SPC or WPC materials which give it strength and durability. Lastly a backing or attached pad layer(D) for fast application and added resilience. Underlays also act as a cold and moisture barrier. 

Six Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring 

There are different versions of vinyl flooring SPC and WPC. SPC Vinyl have a hard core made from stone and polymer blend while WPC is wood polymer blend. SPC is stiffer and sturdier and less resilient underfoot. WPC is more flexible and cushions the foot. SPC should be used in heavy traffic areas where as WPC is perfect for residential applications. 

Versatility- Perfect for any room in the house due to its waterproof ability, where as other floor coverings may be damaged due to exposure to water for long periods of time. 

Design - Comes in different colours and patterns including wood, stone, marble and cement designs. Can be used in entire home creating a unique seamless flooring design throughout. Can also combine colours to create your own unique look.

Durability - One of the strongest floor covering options on the market, it will not fade, burn, or be damaged by water. It is also more slip resistant than its other hard surface flooring counterparts.

Easy Maintenance -  Regular cleaning keep this flooring looking newer longer. Most floor cleaners are methods are safe to use, but make sure to check with the manufactures cleaning directions and suggestions to maintain your warranty. 

Easy to install - For even the most novice DIY'er this floorings easy click lock system is ideal for those looking to save on costs and install themselves. 

Affordability - At a fraction of the cost vinyl flooring can mimic hardwood, stone, or marble flooring types. Also the easy click installation available can save time and money during installation 

It is no wonder vinyl flooring has quickly become one of the most popular floor covering options. Its perfect for residential and commercial spaces, no matter your style or budget there is a vinyl flooring out there for you. Start looking now by clicking the link to our favorite vinyl lines, ICF Flooring and Voila.