Café with Vinyl Plank

Laminate & Vinyl Plank done by Inner-City Flooring 

Engineered Hardwood Curved Stairs with Custom Stair Nosing and Carpet Wrap

Vantage Point Condo Upgrade - Burnaby - Laminate & Tile done by Inner-City Flooring 

Carpet on stairs in Townhouse

Inner-City Flooring Office  - Luxury Laminate

Main level House in Vinyl Plank - Homestead Mannginton

Project Gallery

Flooring work done by Inner-City Flooring. 

Flooring, Demolition and Tile work done by Inner-City Flooring. 

Downtown Office - Carpet Tile and Cove Rubber Base  

Laminate done by Inner-City Flooring 

Laminate in Town House - Luxury Laminate