Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring Information 

Affordability - One of the most affordable flooring options on the market. Consumer popularity and manufacture competition have drastically decreased prices but increased quality in an attempt to capture more market share. 

Durability - Laminate is great for high traffic areas due to its multiple layers and strong fiber core. The wear layer protects from sun exposure, scratches and protects the design keeping your floors looking newer longer. Some laminates come with waxed edges adding more water resistance.  

Design- With some of the best wood mimic design options and advanced technology, it can be tough to tell hardwood apart from some high quality laminates. There are so many different options from plank width to plank length, different colours, different wood species, and even fancier installation design options like herringbone are now possible with certain click laminates. 

Easy Maintenance -  Keeping your laminate free from debris and harsh chemicals will keep it looking brand new for years. Use minimal moisture when cleaning and make sure the area is sufficiently dry before putting down matts or area rugs. 

Easy to install - The easy click locking systems most laminate flooring have make installation a breeze. For the basics and more complex installation pointers visit our PRO-Tips page for helpful hints or tune into our Facebook page for weekly PRO-Tips updates.  

Laminate flooring is perfect for those looking to mimic wood floors in their home but don't want to pay the expensive price for engineered hardwood or real hardwood. The better quality laminate you can find the more realistic your floors will look. With a tough wear layer laminate flooring will stay looking nicer longer, saving you money. Portraits and Mohawk are two of our most popular laminate lines.  

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

​​​​Laminate flooring is made of 4 different layers, wear layer or overlay, design printed layer, core layer and backing counterbalance layer. The core layer of laminate flooring is usually made of melaine resign and fiber board materials giving the board its strength. The wear layer of laminate will vary depending on manufacture and quality of flooring. Check out our top laminate flooring colours here.

Laminate floorings multiple layers make it the perfect flooring for hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. It is very durable and perect for high traffic areas in either residential or commercial settings.