It seems simple enough until you run out of places to put things! If you have a lot of furniture and are planning on redoing all your flooring it may be helpful to rent a storage or clear space in the garage. Speak with your flooring contractor about a plan for furniture shuffling if neither of these are an option. Also take this time to declutter your furniture or perhaps change your paint colour as well. 

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Prepare for Dust

Preparing for Home Flooring Renovations

Written By Jen Biddlecombe July 25th 2020 - 3 Min Read 

Clear the Floor

Preparing for a full home renovation can be incredibly daunting. Especially if you plan to organize it yourself. Anyone who has done even the smallest renovations will tell you they can become a major stressor in your life. A bunch of people you barely know come into your home and turn it, what feels like, upside down. Follow these pre-renovation tips to ensure your flooring or any renovation goes smoothly and efficiently. 

Some municipalities do not accept renovation waste, you will need to call in a disposal company or bin rental that deals with construction waste. Ask us about bin rentals for your flooring project or let us do the removal of your old flooring and we will dispose of it for you. If you are unsure of what to do with the waste refer to you estimate to see if it is covered or contact your flooring contractor to inquire about their procedure with waste and who is responsible for what. 

Before your flooring renovation work begins all decor items and pictures should be removed from tables, furniture and walls. Pack it up in boxes safely or move into an unrenovated room until everything is complete. This will ensure it is not accidentally damages or become dirty from dust. (Yes there will be dust) Also you save yourself a lot of time on cleaning all those items and may find the time to declutter or redecorate you new space!

We always suggest having a small portion of your overall budget held for emergencies or hiccups. Whether it's unexpected levelling or a surprise leak under the toilet, don't get caught with a maxed budget and a necessary fix to continue your project. 

Plan Waste Removal


Wall Decor & Special Items

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Co-ordinating multiple contractors for a home reno can be overwhelming. Try to be flexible with your scheduling and give each trade plenty of time to complete, with extra time allotted after to fix any deficiencies or wait on material back orders. This saves you the hassle of pushing back all your other contractors and possibly incurring charges for rescheduling. 

Have a retouch up plan in place with your painting contractor to finish baseboard painting and touch up and stair walls or scuffs. 

Budget for Emergencies

Did someone say dust? Yes there will be dust no matter what type of flooring you have installed but it will go away. Dust travels, on clothes, on material, one shoes and in the air. Along with removing decor items cover furniture with bed sheets to ensure a quick clean up. If you have central air consider turning the fan off for the renovation days or block/closing the vents in the rooms being worked on. You can also set up plastic sheeting between doors to minimize dust travel  between rooms as well. If you are having your renovation done during rain season you may need to provide a covered area outside for cutting purposes, we try to limit inside cutting unless it is Vinyl Plank. 

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