Proper care and maintenance is the key to long lasting beautiful floors. Protect your investment with these tips, tricks and things to remember when caring for your flooring. Also cleaning methods for different types of flooring. 

Hard Surface ( Laminate, Vinyl Plank, Tile, Hardwoods) - With all hard surface flooring I follow the same steps when doing general clean up. First dry sweep or microfiber the floor for any dust and loose debris. Spot clean with a warm rag and light soapy water, ring almost dry and scrub any stuck on dirty or grim. 

I use a Vileda wet/dry machine washable microfiber mop, it has a built in sprayer. Very little of a light cleaner that is pet and child safe mixed with water. Lightly spray the floor and scrub all areas. Do not oversaturate the floors be sparing. Sometimes I even throw a fan on my engineered hardwood after I have cleaned it just to ensure it dries quickly. Clean your floors often to keep them looking brand new longer and maintain manufacture warranty guidelines. 

Carpet - Vacuum regularly, treat all stains immediately by referring to the manufactures stain guide. Also refer to the manufactures guide on frequency for deep carpet cleaning. Carpet does not like water either, water will slowly break down the backing of the carpet and the underpad beneath. 

Floor Protection & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance 

Door mats - Keep door mats at every entrance to prevent dirt, sand and debris from settling into your flooring. Other substances such as organic material and oils can also be tracked inside, leave shoes at the door whenever possible. 

Don't Drag Furniture - Heavy items such as furniture should never be dragged across any flooring surface. When moving heavy items use a dolly with wide air tires and protect the floor with plywood if necessary. Never slide or roll heavy objects across the floor. Some items are just too heavy to be moved on hard surface floors. 

Curtains & Blinds - Adequate window protection is important to prevent colour fading and high heat exposure which can lead to problems in some floors. 

Furniture Feet - Use non-staining wide felt protectors on the bottom of all furniture to prevent scratches. You can even replace pointed or narrow furniture feet with wider ones. 

Spill Response - Quick response on spills is your best defense. Thoroughly soak up all liquid. Start at the outer edge and work your way in to prevent any further spreading. Once dry, clean the area.