special order vinyl plank

Pick up for in stock material takes 24-48hrs for warehouse to prep.

7" x 48" x 5mm

Dry Fit / 20 Mil Wear Layer 



Lifetime Residential 10 Year light Commercial 

STABILITY:  The Easyway core structure ensures long term dimensional stability, tested and designed to maintain integrity over time. Dimensional stability is tested to 80ºC for 6 hours to pass the standard of less then 0.07% size variation. 
SIMPLE:  Whether you are loose laying or applying a glue down, Easyway is designed as a friendly and fast installation, precise dimensions and beveled edges create a tight fitted continuous floor.
SAFE AND DURABLE: Non-recycled materials, and a finish that ensures safe surface,   combines a patented US EPA Approved  anti-bacterial coating, with a pure vinyl product.
CLASSIC: The wide planks  and country board finish create a classic wood decor in the home.




Coverage per Box 

Boxes per Pallet



in stock vinyl plank